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Organic Produce Le Roy IL

Organic Produce Le Roy IL

Heirloom tomatoes contain lots of healthy benefits in addition to delicious flavor! For instance, the nutrients in tomatoes can help lower stress and maintain bone strength. If you’re new to heirlooms, don’t be distracted by their unusual shapes and wide range of colors. Those quirky qualities are simply the result of their rich biodiversity. Basically, they’re supposed to have bumps, lines and wild variations in color. You can find a great selection of heirloom tomatoes right here in McLean County’s leading source of Organic Produce Le Roy IL: Jackson’s Produce!

Reasons to Make Heirloom Tomatoes a Part of Your Daily Diet

-Heirloom tomatoes are an excellent way to get a significant percentage of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. It helps control stress and also provides nourishment to your adrenal glands.

-Tomatoes are known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Plus, they contain potassium – a mineral that is known to help maintain lower blood pressure – in addition to folate, which helps with a lower occurrence of heart attacks.

-Organic tomatoes have a tendency to contain higher amounts of lycopene, a type of carotenoid which serves a role in preventing cancer. Research has indicated that lycopene helps protect against skin, breast, prostate, bladder, cervical and lung cancers.

-Heirlooms contain vitamin K, which is necessary for strong and healthy bones.

-If you’re looking for a way to add some fine flavor to your meals while keeping your calorie intake down, heirloom tomatoes (and other Organic Produce Le Roy IL) are an excellent choice. You can snack on sun-ripened tomatoes, add garnish to soups or slice up a tomato to your sandwich some more zing.

At Jackson’s Produce, we’re famous for our selection of tasty tomatoes and other Organic Produce Le Roy IL. From carrots and beans to potatoes and lettuce, you’ll find plenty to choose from at our specialty market.