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Organic Produce El Paso IL

Organic Produce El Paso IL

Spinach is perhaps among the most overlooked of the dietary greens. Besides the old Popeye cartoons, spinach doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. These tasty greens are often relegated to a side dish or appetizer. Still, there are many positive qualities to spinach and it can used in a variety of recipes from soups and dips to quiches. Also, spinach is easy to cook whether you steam it or sautee it.

A Healthy Green for Your Diet

As a fine source of minerals, calcium and vitamins, spinach is a nutrient-rich green that makes an excellent addition to your family’s diet.

Tips on Properly Storing Spinach

There are various ways to effectively store spinach with respect to the containing method you choose – but you must store it in the refrigerator. Before that, it’s important to first wash and dry the spinach. Be sure that you keep accumulation of any moisture on your greens to a minimum. The ways to do that are:

-Seal the spinach in a plastic bag. After wrapping the spinach in a clean paper towel, place it into a plastic, sealable bag. Eliminate as much air from the bag before sealing it. The paper towel will absorb moisture so the greens remain fresh and crisp for at least four or five days.

-Plastic containers. Wrap your spinach inside a paper towel and place it inside a plastic, lidded container. Confirm that the lid of the container closes securely. This storage method typically provides a longer lifespan than using plastic bags. It can keep your greens fresh for as long as ten days.

-Freeze it. For long term storage, freezing spinach is the best option. Simply freeze after cooking.

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