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Organic Produce Danvers IL

Organic Produce Danvers IL

Did you know that tomatoes are actually a type of fruit? This is because they seed-bearing and grow from flowering plants. However, with regards to their
nutritional content, tomatoes — in addition to zucchini and cucumbers – are in the vegetable category. That’s partly on account of their low sugar and carbohydrate contents. For instance, a medium-sized tomato only provides about 22 calories and just five grams of total carbs. (Only three grams sugar and about 1.5 grams of fiber.) Even so, these low in calories and carbs Organic Produce Danvers IL contains lots of nutrients and a range of healthy advantages.

-Tomatoes are an Organic Produce Danvers IL that provides essential vitamins. Just a single, juicy tomato from Jackson’s contains approximately 40 percent of the daily amount of vitamin C your body needs. Plus, tomatoes also provide:

-Vitamin A. Helps support vision, healthy skin and the body’s immune system.
-Vitamin K. Good for healthy bones. Also provides potassium, which is a nutrient supportive of healthy heart function and maintaining a healthy, steady blood pressure and balance of fluids.

-Protect your heart’s health. Tomatoes have lycopene, an antioxidant that gives them their red coloring. Research indicates that when it comes to cardiovascular benefits, it is better to consume tomatoes and products that contain them than to take lycopene in the form of a supplement. Other research suggests that higher levels of lycopene in the bloodstream are associated with decreasing death rates for those with metabolic syndrome.

-Improves your vision. The lycopene in tomatoes is good for your eyesight, too! And, that is not the only beneficial nutrient tomatoes contain that promotes healthy vision: they also contain beta-carotene and lutein. According to nutirion studies, these nutrients help to protect against the onset of eye conditions such as macular degeneration.