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Organic Produce Bloomington IL

There are lots of tasty reasons to pick certified Organic Produce Bloomington IL rather than conventional alternatives. Here are just a few reasons to stop by Jackson’s Produce to check out our delicious selection of fruits and vegetables:

-No pesticides. Choosing organic fruits and vegetables is a great way to reduce the chemicals in your daily diet. The usage of insecticides and pesticides are monitored closely in the production of organic foodstuffs.

Organic farmer produce healthy foods without using toxic pesticides. Although there are some organic farms that apply pesticides, they’re derived mainly from natural materials. In addition, they require approval for use in organic production.

Organic Produce Bloomington IL

-Eliminate GMO foods from your kitchen table. Eating Organic Produce Bloomington IL is the most effective strategy for avoiding GMO ingredients and foods. Using GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is prohibited for the production of organic foods. That basically means organic farms cannot plant GMO seedlings. To fulfill organic regulations set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farmers must demonstrate they do not use GMOs and that they protect their crops against contact from substances that are prohibited.

-A healthy choice. The use of artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors is not permitted in Organic Produce Bloomington IL. Cleaner foods equate to a healthier diet and household!

-Healthy soil. Obviously, healthy soil is big part of organic farming. Healthy soils are essential for the creation of healthy fruits and vegetables. Organic farming utilizes natural fertilizers along with soil amendments such as organic matter (compost) green manures (coverage crops grown especially for soil improvement) and animal manures (in accordance with safety protocols to maintain healthy soil. When foods grow in healthy soil environments, crops are far more capable of resisting diseases and tolerating insects and pests.