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Nurseries Normal IL

Homeowners in Illinois often choose to improve and enhance their landscapes with a variety of beautiful plants. Native plants continue to evolve to the habitat in which they live, which offers significant benefits. Choosing native plants from our Nurseries Normal IL for your landscaping can save you time, expense and more resources in comparison to their non-native counterparts.

-Conserves water and cost. Because they are used to their habitat, native plants are capable of retaining water more than non-native varieties. That can lead to water savings for homeowners. Native plants are adaptable to the standard levels of precipitation their areas receive. Conserving water will result in less water consumption and greater savings.

-Improves resistance to weather conditions. This is another key feature to consider when choosing plants for your landscape. Native plants tend to be more durable than non-native plants when it comes to weather. This permits them to survive harsh conditions and return the following season. Each year the plants grow back is yet one more year you won’t need to buy new plants to replace the ones that didn’t survive.

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-Easier maintenance. Typically, native plants are have greater resistance to periods of drought, disease and other environmental challenges than other types of plants. They can often spread rapidly in order to prevent unsightly and problematic weeds from growing. That means less upkeep for the homeowner. Native plants can grow in a pattern that helps protect the surrounding soil against flooding. Landscaping with a variety of durable native plants can keep your soil healthy with nutrients and enable the plants to thrive.

-Restores habitats. When you choose to landscape with native plants, you’ll contribute to a habitat for the animal life that resides on your property. Native plants can be a source of fruit, nuts and seeds that provide essential nourishment for many critters and birds.

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