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Looking for a selection of beans and legumes to add to your healthy diet? We have a great selection at our Garden Center Normal IL!

Legumes are basically colorful, large plant seeds. Types of legumes include peas, beans and lentils. Vegetables like beans and legumes are a fine source of the protein your body needs for optimal health. They are a staple in most any healthy diet regimen and have multiple benefits. Lentils, peas and beans are readily available in several options, are affordable and easy to locate at Jackson’s Produce.

Soft and pleasantly flavored, you can prepare and serve legumes in various ways.
Types of legumes include:

-Black beans.
-Blackeyed peas.
-Chick peas. (Garbanzo.)
-Great Northern beans,

Other examples of legumes are peas, soy beans and lentils.

Health Benefits of Beans and Legumes – Garden Center Normal IL

One of the main reasons to add these tasty vegetables to your diet while shopping at our Garden Center Normal IL is that legumes and beans contain lots of plant proteins, iron, fiber, calcium, B-vitamins, potassium and zinc. A lot of bean varieties are low in fat, too.

Legumes are a reliable fiber source and can help prevent the discomfort of constipation. Just one cup of black beans can provide as much as 15 grams of fiber. That’s about 50 percent of the suggested daily amounts for adults.

Legumes are rich with nutrients, low in their calorie content but also leave you feeling full and satisfied after eating them. The body utilizes the carbs in legumes gradually over a period of time, supplying consistent energy for the nervous system, body and brain. Eating legumes as a part of a balanced daily diet may help to lower blood sugars, heart rate and blood pressure while resisting risk of diabetes and heart disease.