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Fresh Produce Lexington IL

Fresh Produce Lexington IL

Got a taste for terrific tomatoes? Come to Jackson’s Produce and see our selection of quality, Fresh Produce Lexington IL!

Check out some of the health benefits of organic tomatoes:

-Helps lower the risk of heart disease. Tomatoes contain lots of healthy fiber, vitamin C and potassium. All of those are important for a healthy heart.

An essential step in improving your daily diet to minimize risks of cardiovascular diseases is to raise consumption of potassium and decrease consumption of salt.
Potassium serves to prevent calcium from accumulating in muscle cells within the arteries.

-Control diabetes. People who have type one diabetes who follow a high-fiber diet might experience a decline in glucose levels. Likewise, people who have type two diabetes can experience healthier levels of blood sugar and insulin levels.

Eating approximately 200 grams of tomatoes each day helps to lower blood pressure in adult-age people with type two diabetes. In addition, consuming tomatoes helps to lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases for those with type two diabetes.

-Relief from constipation. Tomatoes are a Fresh Produce Lexington IL with laxative qualities. Eating meals that contain fiber and water – as tomatoes do – might promote hydration and sustain consistent bowel movements.

-Recover from smoking. Are you an ex-smoker? The health benefits of Fresh Produce Lexington IL can help your body heal. Smoking tobacco can cause the body to generate excessive amounts of unhealthy free radicals. The vitamin C content in tomatoes can neutralize them. Consequently, consuming more tomatoes may be beneficial for smokers. For instance, vitamin C within tomatoes helps to eliminate artery blockages that impact proper cardio system functioning. Tomatoes provide antioxidant qualities that protect cellular tissues and other essential molecules in the body from oxidization and damage.