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Fresh Produce El Paso IL

Fresh Produce El Paso IL

One of the easiest dishes to prepare with Fresh Produce El Paso IL is sautéed green beans with garlic and butter. Without a doubt, it’s a delicious side that goes perfect with practically all meats or seafood. Plus, it only takes about 15 minutes to prepare.

Simply use some minced garlic and add it to sautéed, buttery green beans. While you are slow cooking the green beans in garlic and butter, the garlic melts to pure perfection and gains a creamy texture as it blend with the steaming green beans.

Ingredients for Sautéed Green Beans –

-One tablespoon of butter or olive oil.
-Three minced cloves of garlic.
-One pound of green beans. (Trim the ends off.)
-One-half teaspoon of salt. (Alter this according to taste.)

The first step is to place a large pan over a high heat. Once the pan heats up sufficiently, add in the beans and butter or olive oil. If you’re using butter, be sure the heat is between low and medium to avoid burning the butter.

While cooking the beans, toss them occasionally until they begin to soften. Once you observe the beans start to turn in spots, switch the heat off. Typically, this will not take much longer than about five minutes.
Next, it’s time to add the garlic into the pan so it cooks along with the green beans. The raw, fine garlic will go perfectly with the beans and the butter or oil. Continue tossing the green beans and blending in the ingredients for one minute until you can smell the delicious garlic aroma.

Then, take the pan off the heat, add salt to the beans and mix thoroughly for an even distribution. Serve and enjoy your Fresh Produce El Paso IL!