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Fresh Produce Danvers IL

Fresh Produce Danvers IL

Got a taste for delicious corn on the cob this season? Stop on in at Jackson’s Produce to pick up a dozen ears of sweet, bi-color corn that’s grown right here in rural Illinois!

Did you know that corn is actually a part of the whole grain food category?
(You probably do know that corn is good for you) In addition, corn does not contain gluten. That quality makes it a smart alternative to eating wheat if you need to stay away from gluten. A few more of the distinct healthy benefits of Fresh Produce Danvers IL like corn:

-Corns delivers the benefits of whole-grains. Because it is in the category of whole grain foods, corn makes a fine addition to a healthy and balanced diet. Food researchers have reported connections between consuming whole grains and lowering the risks of developing problems like stroke, type two diabetes, heart diseases and some forms of cancer.

Naturally, though, it is important to pay attention to portion sizes. Try to select portions that are appropriate to your body’s activity levels and health needs. For many adult-age women, for example, that would typically mean portions like a single ear of corn, 3 cups of popcorn or one-half cup of roasted kernels.

-Corn is full of essential nutrients. Corn is a Fresh Produce Danvers IL that contains a wide range of B-vitamins in addition to potassium. An important mineral, potassium supports consistent blood pressure and healthy cardio function as well as muscle tissue mass. Corn supplies approximately ten times the amount of vitamin A than many other grains.

-Besides protecting against the onset of cognitive decline, the vitamin A in corn supports the body’s immune system.

Visit Jackson’s Produce in nearby Bloomington IL for all your Fresh Produce Danvers IL needs!

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