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Fresh Produce Clinton IL

Fresh Produce Clinton IL

According to information from the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), as much as 70 percent of the water that the nation’s homes consume is for outdoor use. The amount used for watering lawns and gardens to grow Fresh Produce Clinton IL during the summer can multiply residential usage four times more than what is consumed for the remainder of the year. And a significant amount of that water is wasted.

Here are a few tips on how you can reduce your outside water consumption this summer season:

-Avoid using a sprinkler system for watering your garden. While it’s convenient to run the sprinkler in order to cover the whole garden, much of the water is distributes can be lost to the wind and evaporation. Another factor is that different types of plants need varying amounts of water. Running a sprinkler risks over-watering some of your plants and perhaps under-watering others.

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-Nozzle and hose watering is often wasteful, too. Direct the water spray to particular plants and use a nozzle that enables you to quickly shut off the water while you move through the rows. A nozzle with setting options and an off-on trigger are ideal because they allow you to make adjustments to the spray, which minimizes run-off or damage to the plant.

-For smaller gardens, use a watering can when it’s time to give your plants a drink. A watering can is useful for applying the water around the plants where they need it the most.

-Use drip irrigation or a soaker hose to irrigate your garden. If there’s a timer on the watering system, be sure to soil or rain moisture detector so it won’t run when not necessary.