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Flowers Normal IL

Illinois home and commercial property owners work hard to keep their flower beds looking good throughout the season. However, it can be a difficult choice whether to plant seasonal flowers or perennials. A perennial Flowers Normal IL or plant is simply a type of plant that will live for longer than 2 years. Usually, they will die off in the fall and winter months and then return once again the next spring from their rootstocks. In comparison, an annual plant or flower lives for only a single growth season. Many annual plants bloom for a relatively long period of time. When they die off, they should be taken out of their flower bed and replanted when the season comes around.

So, which type of plants or Flowers Normal IL should you choose for your garden? For some helpful guidance, stop in to take a look at the selection of beautiful flowers we have on display and available at Jackson’s Produce. Tell our knowledgeable staff about your growing space and what type of look you’d like to give your landscape. We can recommend flowers that will beautify and thrive in your garden!

Flowers Normal IL

It’s not uncommon for experienced gardeners to choose to plant perennials rather than annuals. While these colorful, vibrant plants generally bloom for only a short period per season – some for as long as 3 weeks – they retain their greenery all season long. Perennials are divided into a couple different categories: evergreen and deciduous. Pine trees, for example, are an evergreen. Deciduous perennials are those that flower such as lilies and tulips.

Ready to get started? You’ll enjoy visiting our nursery to pick out Flowers Normal IL for you garden. We’re conveniently located in Bloomington on Springfield Road.