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Flower Pots Normal IL

Gardening with containers is an appealing alternative to growing plants and flowers in the ground for several reasons. For instance, some take part in gardening for the simple pleasures of spending time among thriving plants. Others, depending upon whether they’re growing vegetables or flowers, do so for
the practical results of their endeavors or for the aesthetic appeal of flourishing flowers and plants. Whatever your motivation may be for growing plants life, container gardening with Flower Pots Normal IL can help you enjoy the experience all throughout the year.

When it comes to outdoor summertime plants, container garden are a popular choice. Whether you are planning to use window planter boxes or some hanging baskets, you’ll discover there are many options to consider.

Choosing which plants to grow is one the most enjoyable aspects to gardening in general. A couple suggestions include:

-Geraniums. Since there are multiple varieties to choose from, geraniums are typically among the more popular types of flowers for container gardens. Even when they are not blooming, they still provide a visual appeal. Geraniums usually blossom from the late spring throughout the summer season. They grow between 12 to 18 inches tall. Plant them in Flower Pots Normal IL in an area where they will get lots of sun and they’ll provide your garden with constant colors!

Gladiolus. With their vivid blooms and tall spikes, gladiolus can thrive in a large planter and mixed garden. They prosper in heat and require full sun. The heights they grow depends upon which gladiolus you plant. Some can reach three feet while others are as short as six inches.

-Pansies. These flowers are notable for hardiness. You can plant pansies in a container garden in the early spring. Many feature multiple colors on their petals.